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DOMI var den danska generalagenten för ett antal bilmärken. Företaget gav ut tidningen DOMI NYT som främst visade aktuella modeller. Marsnumret, 1951 ägnas uteslutande åt tyska vagnar och då främst Borgward Hansa 1500. 

Dessutom Goliath och Borgward lastvagnar.


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Generally about vehicles.

Boys & girls in the boot. DKW, Plymouth, Opel, Saab.

ANA-Beram, Nyköping. Varför ved? 1940

  Dr. Bult. En bils födsel...  1950

Högertrafik i Sverige 3.9.1967




● Bullaren runt på traktor 2011.





BMW Isetta, 1958.

Buick "Air Born" B-58 1958


● Chevrolet Delray Coupe 1954. (at ...). (at ...).

Chevrolet o. Volvo distributionsbilar 1963


NSU Prinz, 1958.


Mercedes-Benz typ 190. 1955


● Packard 1948 (at....). (at....).

Plymouth Belvedere 1956. Flera "bilar". 

  Polisbil Plymouth Belvedere. Belvedere V-8 4-door Sedan.


SAAB at Trollhättan.

● Saab 93 F - 1959

● Saab 96 - 1961


● Volkswagen 1955. (at bicycle....) (at bicycle....)

Volkswagen 1963, Finland.


Volvo 1951-56

● Volvo PV 445, 833, 834, L 340. 1951.

● Volvo PV 444, 1956


Wartburg 1957




Peugeot J7

Scania Vabis.


● Studebaker Delivery Truck 1947 (this page down).

Studebaker pick-up trucks, 1950.

Studebaker 1 1/2 Ton truck, 1950.


Willys teränglastbil 1956.


BP Aviation Service, tanklastbil.



















































 1947   Studebaker Delivery Truck.    

You take big slices off your delivery costs with this modernly engineered Studebaker truck


It's a handsome truck to look at. It's a beauty of a performer.

But the pay-off distinction of this hustling, husky. heavy-duty-model Studebaker truck is its low-cost mileage. That's why

many of the nation's most exacting truck buyers rate it right at the top.


Powered by unique Hy-Mileage engine

The big savings that this Studebaker truck chalks up begin with its fine 6-cylinder power plant-well-named "Hy-Mileage" engine.

That engine is a triumph of years of intensive truck-thrift research. It's an honor graduate of Studebaker's great technical

laboratories and 800-acre, million-dollar proving ground.


A truck with many stand-out features

In this heavy-duty model and all other Studebaker trucks, you get numerous modern performance helps that are included in the

list price.

Among these are automatic choke, automatic spark control, oil bath air cleaner, adjustable octane selector, oil filter.

Moreover, each cab has a dome light; adjustable window wings; two arm rests and adjustable seat; dual sun visors; dual windshield

wipers; tight-gripping rotary door latches-all at no extra cost. Plenty of people want all this value that Studebaker trucks offer. So be

forehanded. Get in touch with the nearest Studebaker dealer now.




Builder of trucks yon can trust

1947 The Studebaker Corporation, South Bend 27, Indiana, U.S.A.