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1145 [54-57] Mopedskoter:

[55] 1145. NV Marin utombordsmotor.

[56] Danish Crescent & Olympic .. BFC

[56] Instruktionsbok 1145.


2000, 2000 S [56-58

[56] Världspremiär för Crescent 2000.

[56] Teknisk data, vykort Billingsfors.

[57] Tidningen FART provkör 2000.

[58] 4-miljonte fordonet för Nymans.

[72] Customized.


Mopedskoter [59-62]

[55] Mopeden, ett fordon för alla.

[59] 2000, 2000 S, Billingsfors.

[60-61] 2011, 2011, 2013.

[62-64] 2013.

Export [57-62] of Nymans

mopeds, mopedskoters:

Denmark, England, Finland,

Holland, Germany, Kuwait,

New Zeeland, Norge and USA.


Scooters [55-56]

[55] NV Hobby 75cc. Anders NV 70.

[56] NV 70-72 Hobby. TfA-test.

...... Nossebro marknad.

[56] NV 80 Progress 175cc.

...... Choklad Guide.




• Trädgård o. skog.

• Sjö, båtmotor.

[41-43] NV electrical MC.

[48] Hybrid i Uppsala.


Transport [56-85] 3 wheels.


[56-58] 1197 (S).

[58-62] Express (S).

[58] 1210 (S).

[59] England (S).

[66-70] 1193 (H), 1194 (S).

[68] 1194 (S).

[77] 1189, 1199 (S).

[79] 1189, 1199 (S).

[56-80] Koster islands.

[58-80] Photos, lawnmover.

[85] Norway (S).

(S) Sachs. (H) Husqvarna motor.

Transport [55-70] 2 wheels.

Paket mopeder:

[55-58] 1130 (Nymans).

[59] 1130, 1131, 1133.

[60-70] 1142, 1143 Saxoped.

........... MCB 921142. MCB 1159.

........... Post moped.


Odd vehicles [45-60

[17] Motoriserad spark.

[51] Modellflygplan,

...... världens flygbolag.

[56] Ragne Invalidmoped.

[54] G.J.G - Special.

[56] Ski moped.



• All marks transport vehicles main.

All mopedscooters, scooters.

• Nymanbolagen AB, Uppsala, mopeds.

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CRESCENT CARRIER Distributor for Southern England.


CRESCENT CARRIER  Model 1210/A (Sachs 47cc) and Model 1210/E (Sachs 97cc).
 LOW INITIAL COST                          MAXIMUM ECONOMY IN OPERATION                      SAFETY IN USE


R.& C. Autocars Ltd. 

98, PARK LANE, LONDON, W.1 Telephone: GROsvenor 6968 



A first objective in road vehicle design is to secure maximum directional stability in operation and the importance of this basic principle cannot be over emphasized when dealing with the lighter type of commercial or load carrying equipment. The Swedish automotive engineers responsible for the design and development of the Crescent Carrier 3 wheeled chassis are to be congratulated on their achievement. There is no element of conversion in the layout and make up of this chassis, the designers have realized their aim in providing a machine with the joint attributes of low production cost, an effective weight carrying performance with exceptionally low fuel consumption, minimum occupation of road space, and because of the unique suspension and steering layout, a high standard of safety in use. 


Design of the front suspe nsion allows the maintenance of suitable front wheel caster action under all load conditions, this, coupled with the most noticeable combination of front wheel outward inclination, inward -tilt" of the axle king pins and "an easily perceptible degree of wheel ,toe in", results in finger light steering regardless of load or quality of road surface. 


Since the early days of motoring the wheel disposition of three wheeled vehicles has been the subject of considerable technical controversy, on examination and test of the Crescent Carrier it will be readily conceded that the overall design provides ideal weight distribution of both load and driver, also the high mechanical efficiency of roller chain transmission with its indisputable advantages of low initial cost and economy in upkeep. 


The chassis is made under modern manufacturing conditions by Nymanbolagen A. B. of Sweden. This firm is one of the most experienced makers of light automotive products in Northern Europe, they have been engaged in precision engineering since 1873. The best rust proofing and finishing processes are used throughout. 


THE ENGINE AND GEAR UNIT is made by Fichtel and Sachs, one of the largest and most reputable two stroke engine manufacturers in the World. Comprehensive service facilities are already established in all parts of this country and a low cost MANUFACTURER RECONDITIONED exchange scheme is in operation with its undoubted advantages. The power/weight ratio of the 3 speed Fan and scientifically designed cowl cooling is of high order, the 47 c.c. units give 2·2 brake horse power and the 97 c.c. 5·2 b.h.p. These fan-cooled engines may be driven at high averages for long periods without overheating. 


The British designed and manufactured steel produce containers are quickly demountable from the chassis and are interchangeable (patent applied for). The advantages of this arrangement to every kind of industry and trade are many. The benefits of pre-loading food stuffs under the hygienic conditions prevailing in shop or warehouse are obvious. Duplication of containers gives the quickest possible "turn round" and waiting time in congested areas is minimized to a remarkable degree, actual demounting time is a matter of seconds. Present day standards of food cleanliness and hygiene are Easily maintained with these steel containers, they may be hosed both inside and out at frequent intervals away from the chassis, a factor of tremendous importance to purveyors of odoriferous produce, and where decontamination is desirable. 


It is believed that light transport history is made by this arrangement in facilitating the provision of a container for every use. The heavy gauge galvanized steel open truck can be used for rough work in all weather conditions with little deterioration. In many trades a shuttle service is an advantage. 


A further important consideration to industry and the distributing trades is the ease with which containers of special design for particular trades may be evolved while the scope for novelty advertising equipment is enormous 


The near square sharp edge styling of the containers provides maximum space for load stacking, the large produce van type body gives 22 cubic feet space. 

D . H.D. 



 47 c.c., 2-2 b.h.p. 3 speed fan cooled Sachs engine unit. Load capacity 330 lbs.
complete with Carrier platform, pedal starting, speedometer, 6 volt lighting.

View showing extra strong front axle beam. Note the unique suspension and robust brake mechanism. 3 front lamps are all rubber obviating damage when loading. 

View showing easy access to 22 cubic feet capacity all steel produce container. 

Note square corner styling to give maximum loading and stacking space. 

Doors 3 ply lined, removable ply floor cover. Steel runners take vending tray when required. 


Ply floor cover removed :or hosing, note quick draining of water through special full width aperture in steel floor. 


Tech Data

Model 1210/A 

Model 1210/E 




Sachs, 2 stroke Engine 3 speed. fan-cooled kick starter


Sachs, 2 stroke Engine 3 speed. fan-cooled kick starter


Cyl. Vol. 


47 c.c.


97 c.c.


Cyl. Dia. 


38 m.m. 


48 m.m. 




42 m.m.


52 m.m. 


Compression Ratio 


6: 1 


6: 1 










Petrol/Oil 1: 25


Petrol/Oil 1: 25


Flywheel Magneto 


6v. 17w


6v. 17w


Transmission Chain


1/2" x 3/16"


1/2" x 5/16"


TYRES Front 


4" x 8"


4" x 8"




23 x 2·25 


16 x 2·5




Illustrating the two standard types of container. the open utility truck type container is shown ftted with the expanding waterproof cover.

Each container is easily demounted and replaced in a few seconds.


     PRICE LIST    

Model 1210/A

"Crescent' Carrier Commercial 3 wheeler. 47 c.c. 22 b.h.p. 3 speed fan cooled Sachs engine unit. Load capacity 330 Ibs. complete with Carrier platform, pedal starting, speedometer and 6 volt lighting. 

Basic price: £114 0. 0d. Purchase Tax: £25 14. 4d. Total £139 14. 4d. 


Model l210/B

Crescent' Carrier Commercial 3 wheeler. 47 c.c. 22 b.h.p. 3 speed fan cooled Sachs engine unit. Load capacity 330 lb,. complete with Carrier platform, kick starting, speedometer and 6 volt lighting. 

Basic price: £122 0. Od. Purchase Tax: £27 13. 11d. Total: £149 13. 11d. 


Model 1210/C

"Crescent" Carrier Commercial 3 wheeler. 100 c.c. 5.2 b.h.p. 3 speed fan cooled Sachs engine unit. Chassis fitted to carry quickly demountable and inter-changeable produce containers, kick starting, speedometer and 6 volt lighting. 

Basic price: £I37 10. 0d. Purchase Tax: £31 10. 8d. Total: £169 0. 8d



Model 1210/D

Quickly demountable and inter-changeable steel produce container. 22 cubic feet capacity, locking doors, in primer. 

Price: £29 10. 0d.


Model 1210/E

Quickly demountable and inter-changeable steel utility open truck type containers, heavy duty galvanised finish, with cordcleats. Price: £20 10. 0d. 


Part No. 1210/F Heavy tinned steel sliding tray to fit 1210/D. Price: £3 5. 0d. 


Part No. 1210/G Waterproofed fabric expanding cover with eyelets and cords to fit 1210/E. Price £4 2. 6d.


Part No. 1210/H Flo-matic roof ventilator including fitting. Price: £2 12. 6d. 


 All rights to vary specification and prices are reserved. 






Distributor for Southern England,