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Teagle cycle motor Bj.55



Teagle in Moped Review.

The Motor Cycle, Nov. 1956








Teagle Cyclemotor




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 1956  Moped Review. The Motor Cycle, 15 November.   [Moped Review 1956.]
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One of the few remaining cyclemotors, the Teagle is designed for mounting over the rear wheel which it drives by means of a hardened-steel roller carried on an extension of the crankshaft. Engagement and disengagement of the drive is effected by operating a handlebar lever roller pressure is readily adjustable.


The 49 c.c. two-stroke- engine is fan cooled and the light-alloy, cylinder, cylinder head, crankcase and outrigger bearing housing are cast in one piece. The unit is rubber mounted and surmounted by a six-pint petrol tank; the fuel line contains a sediment bowl and two gauze filters Standard equipment includes number plates and lighting coil. A tool kit, licence holder and Miller rear light cost £ 1 extra.



£19 12s 11d


W. T. Teagle (Machinery), Ltd., Blackwater, Truro, Cornwall.