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Norman Cyclemate. Bj.54

at Cyclemate, Cyclemaster main.



Norman Nippy.  Bj.56

Motor: Sachs.



Norman Nippy.  Bj.57

Motor: Sachs.





Norman Nippy de Luxe. Bj.57

Motor: Sachs.

● Finland.




Norman Nippy. Bj.59

Motor: Villiers.



Norman Lido. Bj.59

Motor: Villiers.




Norman Nippy.  Bj.60

Motor: Villiers





 1956-63   NORMAN. Source: the Moped Archive, Andrew Pattle. [Back to Achilles main.]

1956 Nippy

1957 Nippy

1957 Nippy Springer

1958 Nippy Springer

1959 Nippy Springer

1959 Nippy Springer

1959 Lido

1960 Nippy Mk III

1960 Nippy Mk IV

1960 Super Lido

1961 Nippy Mk III 

1961 Nippy Mk IV 

1961 Super Lido 

1962 Nippy Mk V 

1962 Nippy Mk IV 

1962 Lido Mk III 

1963 Nippy Mk V 

1963 Lido Mk III 

Sachs 50

Sachs 50

Sachs 50

Sachs 50

Sachs 50

Villiers 49

Villiers 49

Mi-Val 48

Villiers 49

Sachs 49

Mi-Val 49

Villiers 50

Sachs 49

Motobécane 50

Villiers 50

Motobécane 50

Motobécane 50

Motobécane 50






Achilles-Werke, Weikert & Co. K. G. Wilhelmshaven made mopeds

between 1953-1957. 



Dutch manufacturer Germaan license builts Capri (Sachs engine).


1957... -56

Norman Cycles Ltd, Raleigh Industries, Lenton Boulevard, Nottingham bought

the production tools from Achilles. In England model Capri was named Nippy

and was equipped with a Villiers also sold with Sachs engine (1956). 


M3a  N01  
 Moped Review.  The Motor Cycle, 15 November 1956.   [Moped Review 1956.]


A rear-sprung version of the Norman Nippy designated S is now available in addition to the solid

frame model R introduced a year ago. The newcomer has plunger-type rear suspension but in all

other respects is similar.

The smoothly styled spine-type frame embodies a one-gallon petrol tank. Front springing is by a

leading-link fork. Tyre sire is 2.00 x 23 in and both mudguards are well valanced. Motive power is

provided by a German Sachs 47 c.c. two-stroke in unit with a two-speed, twistgrip-controlled gear box.

Choice of finish includes burgundy, two-tone blue, or sage green and burgundy.



R, £69 19s 6d;

S, £71 19s 6d.


Norman Cycles, Ltd., Beaver Road, Ashford, Kent.



Rear-sprung Norman Nippy model S













 Champion tændrør 1962 - Sachs?


 1957   Norman Nippy. Sachsmotor. The Motor Cycle - 9 May 1957. []
 1957   Norman Nippy de Luxe. Tekniikan Maailma 1/57 [Back/to Finland moped reg.]

ULKONÄÖLTÄÄN Norman Nippy on mopediksi harvinaisen siro ja linjakas, mikä viehättää varsinkin naisostajia. Moottori on osittain koteloitu, joten vaatteiden likaantumisesta ei ole pelkoa.









  Large  ● Part 2: Large
 1959     [Motor guide.]






Norman Nippy



ENGINE: Villiers 50 c.c. incorporating 2-speed gear, pedal starting in stationary position, with flywheel magneto and 6 volt 15 watt lighting.


FRAME: Pressed steel of patented design incorporating petrol tank, 1 gallon capacity. With rear Springing. All weather protection from deep valanced rear mudguard, full length chainguard. Tubular rear carrier including metal tool box and pump. Spring clip on carrier for parcel carrying. Centre stand of robust construction.


FRONT FORK: Pressed steel. Sprung with forward link action.


WHEELS: Dunlop 23" x 2" chromium plated rims fitted with wide barrel hub brakes, front and rear.

Dunlop 23" x 2" tyres.


TRANSMISSION: By heavy duty roller chain 1/2" x 3/16".


SADDLE: Cantilever or best quality mattress type.


FINISH: "SPRA-GRANODISED". Burgundy Flamboyant or Black, lined Gold. White wall tyres fitted to Black Model. Specification includes Electric Horn.

 1959     [Back to Achilles Lido.]




Norman Lido



FRAME: Pressed steel, combining great strength with lightness and streamlined elegance. Tank of 1 gallon capacity.


ENGINE: Villiers 50 c.c. 2-speed gear.


SUSPENSION : Front fork of pressed steel with spring forward link action, giving excellent steering and comfort without " whip ". Rear swinging arm with long coil springs in chromium plated guides.


WHEELS: Dunlop 23" x 2.25" white wall tyres. Chromium plated rims. Full width hubs.


LIGHTING SYSTEM: 6 volt 17 watt lighting from flywheel magneto.

PROTECTION: Very deep mudguards, large engine cover plates, full length chainguard.


LUGGAGE CARRIER: Pressed steel, with locking toolbox. Dual seat can be fitted at extra price.


FINISH: Attractive duotone colour schemes - Dove Grey and Blue and Two Tone Green.


EQUIPMENT: Pump, tool set, electric horn.

We reserve the right to incorporate improvements or to alter specification without notice on all our models.








Cycles Ltd, Raleigh Industries, Nottingham.























Motor: Villiers 

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