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 Itom (NL) Industria Torinese Meccanica, Torino
 ITOM Itom-Holland, Rotterdam.  [France: Prix d'occasion 1966]
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 France.   LE MICROMOTEUR - ITOM type Tourist.    [Motor guide.]






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 1956   Moped Review The Motor Cycle, 15 November 1956.    [Moped Review 1956.] [Back/to UK mo-ped guide.]

Economy Two-wheelers: On this and Subsequent Pages are Reviewed all Pedal-assisted Machines Available in Britain.



Outstanding features of the Italian-made Itom models are a three-speed gear box in unit with the 48 cc. two-stroke engine and lilies which resemble those of a motor cycle. The Astor Standard de Luxe has a pressed-steel frame and the Astor Sports de Luxe a tubular frame. Both machines incorporate pivoted-fork rear springing and a telescopic front fork.

Also included to the range is the 48 cc. Tourist single-gear cyclemotor designed for bottom-bracket attachment. The drive to the cycle rear wheel is by roller.



Standard de Luxe, £89 189

Sports de Luxe, £99 49

Tourist unit, £29 8s


Adimar, 61, Clapham Road, London, S.W.9.


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