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Velosolex 1700

Tekniikan Maallma 6/61





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 England   UK.   [Moped Review 1956.] [Back/to UK mo-ped guide.] 


Pioneer of the moved field, the 45 c.c. VeloSolex from France has been in continuous production since

1945 with only minor changes in specification proof of its sound design. In layout it is a simple machine

with the engine driving the front wheel by friction roller; yet it is a true moped, not a clip-on, with the

frame specifically designed to withstand the additional stresses imposed by power drive.

To the left of the engine is a flywheel magneto embodying lighting coils for head and tail' lamps, while

a balance appearance is given by a cylindrical fuel tank on the opposite side of the engine; fuel capacity

is 1 1/2 pints -sufficient, it is claimed, for a 60-mile run. The carburettor is unusual in that no float is

fitted: fuel is supplied to it by a diaphragm pump at the front of the engine.



£37 4s


Solex (Cycles), Ltd., 223231, Marylebone Road, London, N.W.1.



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 Finland.   Velo-Solex  [Imp.: Korpivaara Oy Helsinki.] (F) Velosolex, Courbevoie. [Tekniikan Maailma 6/1960.] ● [Back/to Finland reg.] 

Velo-Solex 1400/49 ... 09003 - 1959

Velo-Solex 1700/49 ... 00019 - 1960









Tekniikan Maailma 6/61



Velosolex 1700

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Velosolex 1700

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 Schweiz.   Station-Service BACHMANN à Bienne.    [Back - to Schweiz reg.] 

Service SOLEX Suisse



12 bis, Rue de l'Hôpital - BIENNE 



H. BACHMANN, 3, rue de Fribourg - GENÈVE 

H. BACHMANN, Auto Zubehör Löwenstrasse 31 - ZURICH I