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Union Metallic Cartridge Co., CLUB, 12ga., CHRISTMAS BOX!!! TOP ONLY, this absolutely beautiful top pictures hunter in snow scene after Rabbits with a large Rabbit on bottom right, the sides are gone but the top is near perfect. This would still look very nice in any collection framed. 


Cartridge box 1134. 

Federal Cart. Co., Monark, 16ga., 1pc., FULL, shot size 6. Loading: M162 2 3/4 drs. 1 - 6Ch, 

blue, yellow & red box with mallard duck flying, box is very solid with some age soiling. 

Grade: Excellent - Value: $10 to $20 - Recent bid: $25


         Cartridge box 1030                                  Cartridge box 1134
        Cartridge box 1016                                      Cartridge box 1130                                   Cartridge box 1131

Cartridge box 1016. 

Union Metallic Cartridge Co., Nitro Club MINI - CHRISTMAS BOX, 12ga., 2pc., Empty, shot size 7 1/2, buff box with multi colored paper label that pictures a mallard in flight, Loading: 3 Drs. Hazard Powder, 1 1/8 Oz. 7 1/2 Chilled Shot, side labels have colored graphics also, the other two side have printing on them stating Hazard Blue Ribbon powder & Pink Color shells are Factory loaded. Very nice hard too find box!!! Grade: Excellent - Value: $700 to $1000 - Recent bid: $578 2002-03-05


Cartridge box 1130. Federal Cart. Co., Monark, 12ga., 2pc., Empty & Sealed, shot size 9. Loading: M122 3 -- 1 1/4 -- 9 ch. New Old Stock Label, Buff box with white, yellow, red and blue label that pictures trap shooter in a red sweater & a yellow background, box shows very light soiling. Box is of solid construction and bright colors, Very hard to find box in comparable condition. 

Grade: Mint - Value: $100 to $200 - Recent bid: $159 2002-03-05


Cartridge box 1131. Federal Cart. Co., Monark, Trap Shells, 12ga., 1pc., Empty, Loading : TARGET - 7 1/2 SECONDS. Green, black, red and white box with trap shooter in red sweater, solid construction with great colors. 

Grade: Very Good ++ - Value: $20 to $40 - Recent bid: $24 2002-03-05