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Outboard motors: Elto.

 Bicycle brand has nothing in common with outboard motor.
 ELTO  [Guide: Outboard motors & Bosch spark plugs.]
  [Elto. - Evinrude.]

Elto Outboard Motors Co. Mason Street, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

OLE EVINRUDE, President (1928).


1932-38 Speeditwin M 175 T 1 0,6

1936-37 Service Twin (4,3 hk) M 145 T 1 0,6

1936-41 Ace; Handitwin M 95 T 1 0,6

1937      Handifour M 175 T 1 0,6

1937-41 Pal; Cub W 125 T 4 0,6

1939-41 Lightwin; Fleetwin M 145 T 1 0,6

1949-50 Speedster (12 hk) W 225 T 3 0,6

1949-50 Sportster (5 hk) W 175 T 3 W 225 T 3 0,6


● 1928 Elto Quad

● 1928 Elto Speedster 5 to 7 h.p.

● 1928 Elto Service Twin 4 h.p.

● 1936 ELTO Ace 1,4 h.p.

 1928 - Elto

Annuoncing another Great Super Elto

The Quad-4 Cylinders!


35 THRILLING miles an hour! 4 cylinders, exquisitely balanced, utterly vibrationless!

Soft flexibility, tornado-like acceleration! A newday motor, product of 5 years of study and experiment by Ole Evinrude! A superb power plant for fastest racers and finest runabouts!

Dual ignition! Dual carburetion! An entirely new, advanced degree of dependable performance. Even with one pair of cylinders cut entirely out of firing the Quad will still operate smoothly, still deliver surprising power.

The famous Elto easy instant starting! The Quad starts with even less than the famous Elto Quarter-Turn. With cylinders charg d, a flip of the fly wheel over a 2-inch are starts the Quad!

Ruggedly built for every service! All Quads (regular stock models, muffler equipped, not special racing motors) ale built to do 35 miles per hour on standard racing hullsand to maintain top speed for long periods, without undue wear or strain. Such sturdiness specially adapts it for year-in and year-out service on hedvy runabouts and family-type speed hulls.

The Super Elto line now includes a motor for every outboard requirement. Complete deseriptions of the 4cylinder Quad- the sensational B Class Speedster and the famous Service Twin are in the new catalog, now ready. Send for it. Mail the coupon below.




Mason Street Dept. 41 Milwaukee



The Speedster 5 to 7 h.p.





The Service Twin 4 h.p.



                                          The Quad
 1936 - ELTO Ace 1,4 h.p.